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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  May 30, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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are in the process of reviewwng surveellancc video. yysterday dettctivee were out pictures of one of the gunman. homeowwers say the man was holding a un in the picture. an elementary schoollis less phan a block from where the shooting occured. 18:11 peoppe are now doing anythhng and everything they can in order to feed themselves and heir families and sometimes attitudes are little salty. and i'm sure the hot weather hasn't helped at this pooit :35 among those actively investigation.... baltimore police deputy commisisoner &panthony barksdale. barksdale rettrned to the scene of thissshooting yesterday. he even jumped out of his s-u-v at one point and joined in the foot chhse of a possible suspeet. so far no pas been charged with attempted
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murder in this case. joy llpola fox 45 news at 5. baltimore county police issue a warrant for maa wwnted in ccnnection with a murrer ii towson. police are looking for lennell ellis after they discoveree phe body of a parkville mann inside a burring truck. authoritiesssay daryl augustus had been reporttd missing from his home on may 25th.police believe ellis killed augutus inside aatowson apartment, put his body in the truck and took it to essex where he set it on fire. opponents of maryland'' same sex marriage aa have pubmitted more than twice the signatures needed... to bring the law before voters. signatures in annnpolis --3 yeeterday. actiiists say they submitted morr than 120- thousand signatuues ... 55- thousand are needed to put the issue on the novemberr balllt. maryland's law legalizing same-sex marriage doessnot go inno effect until january... and thaa left time
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for a possible voter referenddm. we expecttno less than a victory....we expect that thh people of maryland will stand togethhr and uphold marriage in maryland.... maryland....the state now has 20 ays to verify signatures. mmrriage say recent polls iidicate maryland vvters are leaning toward upholding the and thaa brings ussto our ndum. question of theeday..f enough signatures are yoo plan n voting on the same sex maariage referennum? &p go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think. you can also sound off thhough at foxbaltiiore. and you can text your answer to 45203. eetee fox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no. 3a call... to... put the brakes... on ...a.. massive... east side development prooect.... today.../ amid controvesry ...over... who's benefitting young... andd.. cooncilman parl stokes... said... ttey'd... use.. legilislative power... to stop the billion managed.. by the eest baltimore development corporation..../ it...
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started,, with promises of jobs... and contracts foo nearby residents,.../ but... say ... it's fallen... far short of expectations. ((take sot))9;42"we are standing here in solidariiy thayt thius project cannot go any urther, e want to maae sure that all theedemands we made, are met." met."young and others are callinggon e-b-d-i to award city residents. we asked an - official from development corporaaion to comment on camerr, but they declined.the projjct is expected to cost $1199billion dollars. it's been almost a weeksince the old steel plantat sparrows point...announceddanotherround of layoffs. says... .baltimore county officials... are taking steps... tt create... other pobs in that area...johnn.. up to two-thousandsteel workers... willbe laid- off...startingnext week. but "kamenetz"... issow lookiig.... ocreate...a new paatnership with business leaders.the to expand...job other and he ssys the port of baltimore...will play abig
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role in that lan. kamenetz...says... a major expansion...of the seagirt maaine terminal.. wwllmake the port... onlyone of two...on the eastcoast... that can accomodate...a newfleet... of "suppr-ships"...that will move throughthe panama county...hhpes tt capitalize... on that new business. ((amenetz) "ww're right next think that we can kind f gain some of thaa aacillary business, thh spin-off so to speak both for transportation and distribution centers and other related jobs that rely kamenetz... has appointeda group.. of bbsiness leaders... who will oversee... this initiative. their goal... is &pto attractcompanies... with connections o the port... which he hopes...will eventually....rrate... new at five. john rydell, fox 44 ne- p proposed...condo complex... in... bowleys quarters... gees... the go-ahead ...from a countyappeals boaad. board.the.. 30-unit complex.. would bb built.. near galloway creek marina..../some... critics... say theeproject poses... environmental problems.../.but..
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thh developer's.. attorney disagrees. (schmidt) "this is an old marina site which has boats stored all over the property so it'll be rehabilitated." stillvow.. tooblock the project... by... appealing the most recent decision.. to the circuit court. maryland is getting $60 million in ousing assistance general pnnouncment this morning.. outlining how the funds will homeowners and battling o'malley said the settlemenn will also support non- theehope hotline call center... whichh hellp istressed homeowners get in touch with housing counselors. o'malley: "iq: peoole that neighbors in baltiiore.... oq: save your home." homee" this issthe fiist installmmnt offalmmst a billion dollars
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that maryland received in the settlement. funding will also go toward extra staffers at thee ttorney general's office po work specificallyyon housing issues and to invvstigate foreclosure scams. itts.. that.. time again.../. america's.. largest.. free arts ..festival is back.../. and... many of you.. got a glimpse.. f whhts to com. mayor rawllngs-blakee. announced some of the new aatractiins at &ptheeffstival.brian mcknight, just a few of those that'll be dance, opera, crafts and so be visual arts. "over artscape weekenddwe expect to welcome 300-thousand people to baltimore and have a 25-million dollar economic impact clearly artscape is not only a celebration of visual and performing arts its a celebration of our city as well. the.. 31-st place.. july 20.. ke rooal avenue ... and north charles street. and as always its free. gordan ramsey of the fox tv
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series " kitchen nightmares" came back to cafe hon today. today. &pwhere we're toll he liked wha he saw.. 3 3
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3how are the roads looking toni? tonight?carrie pierce has our traffic edge report. report.mapmdot- 695 at rdfiber- 95 at 152mapat belair -
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a man in baltimore county... fouud shot and burnedd burned.the relationship that might have playyd a role in his murder.... and tte search 3or his killer..- the stench from the fish kill in the inner harbor may soon be a thing of the past.the ccanging coonitioos ttat could dilute the smell. former governor mitt romney securesshis partiessg-oop nomiiationn.. but planned parenthood has some serrous questions for the presidential hoppful. 3
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?m77#7#7#óóóóó ññ president barack bama called
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republican presidential candidaae mitt romney tooay to congratulate him on securing primary voters put the former massachusetts governor over the top in the nnmberrof deeegates he needs. neees.he.. secured the position tuesday night,.../ but.. one of his fundraiiers last night.. is also sharing news correspondent jennifer davis... reeorts from washingto. washhngton. ittwon't be formal until the republican convention in august,,but tuesday mitt
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romney finally reached the clinchhthe gop nomination. omney says: "i want to get dreamers ouu there putting &ptheir dreamsson the front enterprises, putting people to that included a tuesday night trump. the celebrity heaalines and creating controverrs with the so-calledd birtthr issue again - even though the state of hawaii trump says: "there's a lot f questtons as to the authenticity of the birth was such a ridiculous distraction from the importantt pusiness that we should be president obamm was born in - - the united states adding - the democrats can talk about donaad trump all thhy want - mitt romney is going to talk about jobs and how we can gee our economy moving agaan." ut lanned parenthood wants to focus on another issue - as it unveils onn oo its largest political campaigns ever to attack romney's views on funning women's' health says: mitt romney is out of touch and
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wrong for women."davis says (oncam tag): "planned parenthood has endorsed &ppresident obama and this ad i paat of an ongoing cammaign aimed at getting the key votinn block of women to support his re-election. in washington, jeeniferrdavis, &pfox news." a... ceremony today... to mark a... ceren years... since the e clean p operations.. at the world tradd centtr site..../ memorial nd museum... is 3 parkiig the nnivvrsary... with a tribute... to.. recovery workers and firss &presponders... at the site.../ workers.. spent months.. cleaning p tte site.. followwng 9-11.../ removing.. 2--millionntons of steel.. and concrete. a marriage proposal goes horribly wrong... after a man loses the engagemenn ring in the florida sand. sand.steve and mary were visiting naples from denver... when steve decided to ask her to mary him.he buried the diamond ring in the sand... so she could find it while digging.but econds of digging
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finally they had to call in a professional ring finder to help with the search.finally, aftee several hours... they wereeabll to find the ring. (("to beehonest, i didn't of it all--the ring and what be engaged with her at that point, you knoww")) know.")) (("yeah, you gotta feellsorry for the guy who's been digging around ii the rain for a couple hoous. how could you say no to that?")) ttat?")) thannfully she did say the wwy.... tte groom-to-be is actually a brain surgeon. earlier we told about the petitiin drive to put maryland's same sex marriage law before the voterss and thht bringg us to our question of the day. we are asking... if the signatures are verified... do you plan to referendum> joan writes on facebook..."yes because it's every mericaa's rrght to marry whomever they want.." want.." but tiffany taxes?" a mixed esponse on people say thhy do plan to
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vote on the referendum. go to fox- baltimore dot com .../ tell usswhat you think./. sound offfthru facebook../. send us a tweet./ p or text yyur answer to 45-- 203../ enter fox45a ffr yes../ fox44b for no.../ 3 dangers surrounding your a personal information. 3 --adblib weather tz--
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you... can teach a og... how to play dead... so.. why not aa amster? this little rodent... shows off some big talent. talent.quick gunshot nats one oscar worthy move... in
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this vvdeo that's goiig viral.../.the person the hamster he video says.. - was not harmed.. during the maaing of the video. the heat and humidity.../the heat and the heat and humidity.../ the... cause of several storms.. in the area days.cloudy out for uch of with a little rain. rain. chief meteorologist vytas reid
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is here now.... 3 3 nnw.... 3 coming up... a warning ffr
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áoneá bad sunbbrr can double your risk of getting skin cancer... experts sayyyou need ennugh sunssrren to ill up aaplastic cup.... or one fluii ounce. thaa's probbbly more thannyou &pare used tooweaaing... but if day with a uv index of 11... you could get severly burned. matter of minutes." "its surprising with all that we know and with the ffct that its elatively simple to protect yourseel, people are probably underprotecting themse" themselves."the sunscreen needs to e at least 30 s-p-f... and it needs to be a broad spectruu that protects against u-v áa... the rays that cause skin cancer and aging.u-v áb rays cause every two hours is important aa well as applying 30- minutes beforr going out. a.. dangerous.. new computer virus... is detected... in russia... experts... worry... it's coming to the u-s. u-s.the .. "flame" virus... can be used..
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to tuun.. infected computtrs into áspyingá machinns.../ and... can.. take infoomation... out of nearby cell phones.../. &pit's.. compared.. to he.. recent.. "stux-net" virus.. that caused damage.. to iianian nuclear nrichment plants.....only.. in áthisá case... &p expeets say... it's much more amaging..../nn.. word.. oo where it originated. it... couud.. cost you... more than fifty bucks to cllse your bank account. 33 55--dollars... is terminate an account at a big bank.../a... survey... of the ten largest bankk innthe country, ... finds... all ten charge... for wire ttrnsfers or bank.../ citi.../ and p-n-c banks... charge 25--dollars to.. lose n acccuut.. than 180--days. the... first ybrid car.. is a mainstream hit...//according... to bloomberg, ..the prius.. is the world's third best selling car.... just behind the tooota corolla.. and ford focus..../sales.. more than doubled ..when
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prius family.../.the.. women in baltimore are getting paid.according o the u-s censss bureau... charm city ranks ninth on a list of thh top ten cities where women earn the most.the survvy uses the average earnings for full- time, year-round femaae workers in the largest u-s metro 2010... women's mean earnings were just over number one city where women earn the most... san jose in california. 3 the earch for a suspect after a grisly murder..what police happened.ore county say
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?d?n muuderer is on the loose
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loosebaltimore county police say he stabbed a ma


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